Scorpio Says

Lately I have been practicing Meditation as a means to develop Mindfulness. Being Mindful means living life in the NOW, moment to moment, instead of obsessing on the past, or worrying about the future. I miss so many moments while my mind is pondering a “What if…” or replaying “what was…” We are always in a rush to reach the next moment, get it done, save time, get ahead, pass that car, find the shortcut…self-made victims of the “Hurry Up and Wait” mentality. NewsFlash: All we have is THIS MOMENT…may as well be PRESENT for it, right? But I just gotta get all “caught up” first, then I can take time to smell the flowers. Well…here’s an “A-HA” moment for ya… There is no catching up in life. Our inbox will never be empty! We hurry to get things done…only to free up time to get more things done…so we can finish…get caught up…stay ahead of the game…So we can do even more! We are like robots, mindlessly doing, doing, doing…when was the last time u took 5 minutes to just BE…while doing absolutely nothing? We are human BEings, not human DOings…so what happens if we never get caught up & we die with our inbox full…unpaid bills, unwashed laundry, unanswered email? It’s time we celebrate our consciousness and be mindful of this moment! STOP multi-tasking for a minute & just BE. Just perceive & breathe in life!