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Review of Eminem (I wrote on

Eminem, aka Slim Shady, aka Marshall Mathers, is inarguably the best rapper/rhymer/lyricist in the game, past or present! No-one can touch his rhymes, he is the master! He has never lost a battle; his quick wit & rapid-fire rhymes put him on a whole another level that no other rapper can get close to. Check out “Infinite” off his first EP of the same name to witness pure, lyrical genius. This track can be found on YouTube along with video presentation of the lyrics running in sync with his rapid-fire spitting of rhymes, a full-on lyrical assault, where his weapon of choice is wordplay. Like a sneak attack, he taps into his arsenal of words & creates new rules of engagement before you even know it’s on! He collaborates with Jay-Z, 50Cent & Dr. Dre on a new song called “Syllables”, a satirical diss of the current state of HipHop. Em raps “It is not about the lyrics anymore…it’s about a hot beat & a catchy hook…” Even in collab with his compadres, he spits the verse you remember. Stoned or Sober, Em is the Almighty King of Hiphop!